A network of EV charging stations in the Czech Republic. We can build a similar network for your brand, or in your country.

Dobíjecí stanice OlifeEnergy

OlifeEnergy’s mobile application for EV charging station control

Our charging station app is free to download from Google Play and the Apple Store.

Mobilní aplikace OlifeEnergy

Benefits of the OlifeEnergy Net

Charging your car with the OlifeEnergy Net is easy and convenient. With our mobile app, our stations are easy to use. They are located at great spots with good background and operate with all brands of electric vehicles. If you would be interested in having an OlifeEnergy Net EV charging station at your location, please

Quality background

Places with great facilities (food, entertainment, toilets…).

We cover the whole Czech Republic

We cover the entire Czech Republic with charging stations.

No registration

Charging without the need to register or provide personal information.

Direct card payment

We allow a one-time charge and direct card payment.